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We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at: saskatoonantiqueautoclub@gmail.com


Please send us an email and include details - date, times required, contact method (phone or email).

We would be happy to bring your request up at our monthly meeting and ask the members to contact you directly if someone can help out. If nobody is available we will let you know.

If you are looking to request a car for an event such as a wedding, reunion etc. please note the following

* The Club receives many requests (sometimes several for the same day) and cannot guarantee a request will be filled. Antique cars are our passion, not our business, and only a very few members may be willing to take the time to to accommodate requests.

* No member is willing to rent their car for someone else to drive due to liability issues (plus many hours and thousands of dollars have gone into restoring/maintaining these older vehicles). If you are wanting a car, expect the owner to drive it.

* If there is inclement weather, the vehicles won't leave their garage.

* Once a request has gone out to our members the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club has no further involvement - it would be between you and the Club Member to negotiate compensastion should a member be available