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Upcoming Club Events:

Christmas Pizza Party

Tuesday December 11th @ 6:00PM

Lynx Club - Avenue C North

Confirm with Norm if attending (if you haven't already)

Monthly Meeting

Club Annual General Meeting

Saturday January 12th@ 6:00PM

Smiley's Buffet -Circle Drive


 NOTE: We must enter the museum  from the South East corner of the bldg.  Proceed past the entrance that we normally use and enter the parking lot before the freeway entrance  Follow the signs and park in the temporary parking lot on the south side.  When you enter the building we will be at the far end of Boomtown street.  They will set us up there for our meeting .  This way we won't have to walk as far.


CLUB PHOTO SHOOT - from Sunday July 15th

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For more information call Lloyd Morgan  306 221 4612 


Future Events



2018 Auto Events web site and listings by date click on the link...


The website for other upcoming events is: www.autoevents.ca Check it out. Thanks go out to Dale T for putting this together.

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Past Events:

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Draggin's Car Show Members photos 2018

Corn Roast 2017

Dairy Queen Social 2017

Member's Cars at Superun 2017

Parkridge Show & Shine 2017

Draggin's Car Show 2017

2017 AGM Award Photos

BBQ & Corn Roast 2016 (Mike's pictures)

Cruise Weekend & Corn Roast 2016 (Owen's pictures)

Cruise Sunday 2016 & Circle Drive Church Drive By

Giesy Tour July 2016

2015 Club BBQ & Garage Tour

Martensville Garage Tour

Outlook Tour 2015

Pink Cadillac May 2015

Draggin's Car Show 2015

AGM 2015 Awards

50th Anniversary/Provincial Tour Aug. 2014

Draggin's Car Show 2014 Club Display

2014 SAAC Award Winners from Draggin's Car Show

AGM 2014 Awards

Cruise Weekend 2013

Fall BBQ 2013

Oliver Lodge Show & Shine 2013

Primrose Chateau Show & Shine 2013

1915 Model T World Tour

Moose Jaw Cruise 2013

Garage Tour May 28th 2013

Draggin's 2013

Derby Car at Draggin's 2013

2012 Wakaw Show & Shine

Draggin's 2012

2011 Fall BBQ/Kenaston

2011 Run To Drake SK.

2011 Cruise Day

2010 Draggins Car Show

2010 Annual Banquet

2009 Fall BBQ

2009 Borden Threshing Bee

2009 Cruise Day

2009 Sherbrooke Nursing Home

2009 Waldheim - Blacktop Diner

2009 Annual General Meeting

2008 Cruise Day

2008 Runnin Great in 08 International Auto Rally

2007 Potluck

2007 Corn Roast

2007 Aug Mtg @ DQ

2007 Barn Playhouse

2007 Cruise Day

2007 July Meeting @ the Berry Barn

2007 Show and Shine

2007 June Garage Tour