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Mitchell, Owen

I like old cars, the older the better. I took delivery of my new 1969 Mustang Mach I on November 22, 1968 I orderedit on the day the new cars came out in October í68. It has become an old car now that I managed to hang on to it. It was rebuilt in the late 70s and it has held up well. The interior is mainly original accept for the odd touch up. Thanks to joining the Saskatoon Antique Auto Club it gets exercised every summer on club cruises. My 1931 DeSoto is what I consider an old car. It is long term project that is slowly getting done. Someday it will join the club summer cruises. We have a 1953 Plymouth club coupe that was purchased by Gailís father in 1955 and has stayed in the family ever since. It is currently under going a complete rebuild. It should make an interesting cruiser when done.